Apocalypse as usual or an unplanned renaissance?

Apocalypse as usual or an unplanned renaissance?

Surprise boxes

Ridiculous for today's crime (it's not even a crime to call it a crime, rather, a cunning scam, machination, hilarious abuse) is the trade in dead souls. A comedy, a curiosity, to which the paradoxical Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol was a great hunter: the fictional fanfaron Khlestakov created by his imagination, the individual entrepreneur Chichikov (pretty, cute zhokhi, trepachi, schemers, forerunners of Ostap Bender) against the background of the gloomiest heavyweight Sobakevich, Korobochek, Gorodnichi flutter light-winged butterflies and are they really suitable with their hilarious antics as soles for those really embodied from a writer's fantasy, for authentic reforging of living, feeling and sympathetic souls - into dead cocoons, from the camouflage of which it is not clear what will hatch in the future, whether it will hatch at all, and if it hatches, will it involve in trouble, will not the non-stop ossification conveyor launched by Lenin-Stalin - for the sake of processing mobile, active natures into obedient serf slaves of the newly appeared hollow Boxes? Chekhov's "man in a case" (another timeless image of Russian timelessness!) God himself ordered to mature into the condition of charming monsters selling carrion!

Where to cook?

I will make an allegorical conjecture that is not amusing (at first it may seem so): M.S. Gorbachev, long before his dismissal from the presidency, should have left the walled residence with immured ashes, or settled directly in the mausoleum and cuckooed from the tomb with a prophetic gamayun - about the breadth and expanse of the planned informal transformations. With any (slow or fast) change in the rhythm of being a huge empire, the guarantor of stability, the foundation of steadfastness (and the anchor that keeps Russia laid up) remains the leader of the domestic and world proletariat lying in the marble pavilion. Like the recently deceased British queen, he acts as a shadowy otherworldly puppeteer, flies like a shadow obscuring the light, luring living freshness into a ghostly realm, pulling the cart of the Russian Earth into habitual sleep.

If we do not want to slide into internecine discord, we need other guidelines, motivations, motivations, we need unstamped routes and turns of thought. Not a repetition of the past, not war communism and not the NEP, not their copies and pale reanimated modifications. But where to get something that patent ideologists are too lazy to look for an acceptable formulation? So we appeal to the incorruptible mausoleum relics and near-mausoleum ashes, the only panacea.

Prohibitive democracy

In Portugal, it is forbidden even in private conversations to mention the dictator Salazar (despite the fact that his rule contained not only executions and repressions, but also very positive beginnings). I like this kind of democracy. In any case, more to my liking than the Salazar era itself.

In the footsteps of Purishkevich?

With superstitious horror, one reads and re-reads Chaadaev: the cast, the matrix, the death mask, which he removed from the motionless (it seemed to him) face of the Motherland, have changed little over the centuries.

On the eve and at the beginning of the First World War, provocative squabbles in the Duma not only discredited the authorities and supporters of the “rotten tsarist regime”, but cast a shadow on the very whistleblowers and whistleblowers of “treason”, brought on revisions that revealed the abuses and thefts practiced by them from the state treasury.

And if only embezzlement and discredit...

The canonically orthodox deputy Purishkevich, odiously known for slandering the associates of Nicholas II, took part in the murder of Grigory Rasputin, who knew how to speak up the illness of the only son of the royal couple. This murder signed the death warrant for the heir to the throne. The Russian monarch was shocked, demoralized. Russia remained decapitated in the historical perspective... Is not the behavior of Purishkevich (a fool? a scoundrel? a true enemy of Russia?) a greater evil that led to the October Revolution than that which came from Lenin, who was in exile?

Purishkevich, an extreme nationalist, fancied himself a purifier of the holy land from foreign filth, a true victorious piercer, piercing the tempting serpent with a spear of reckless courage. The illiterate (but peasant-savvy) Grigory Rasputin was in his inflamed brain an English spy leading Russia astray.

Is there stupid, ostentatious, speculative patriotism? And is it patriotism? And is there any use or more harm from such patriotism (if we nevertheless recognize it as patriotism)? And is there any salvation from helpful fools? Or is their “minus” factor inevitable? And do these high-ranking bosses, theoreticians-strategists, think well (and do they think at all) about what they say and do? Do they give an account of how they look before their fellow citizens?

We realize very belatedly that the demagogue who compromised himself by shedding blood should have been trusted less than he was trusted, and maybe he should not have been trusted at all.

Who is into what

Spheres of the economy, branches of production compete in price gouging. Who is bigger? Who will sharpen up? Stops in this race is not expected. The Russians have a new gambling hobby - to get at least something at the old price. And if you managed to have a spree in a fast food establishment - crazy pruha.

Resourceful businessmen do not get lost, they extract the utmost benefit from the situation: they wrap deals that rob citizens, do not hesitate to publish how they comfortably relax (and arrange brawls) in bars and baths, improve Rashkin’s initiative to exterminate moose (already dozens, a case against regular violators has been initiated, but will there be a continuation or will they follow the leader of the Moscow communists to get away with it?), on New Year’s Eve, a group of men who were not imbued with the consciousness of the importance of the historical moment, including law enforcement officers, were arrested for raping an old acquaintance in a perverted form, again on the eve of 2023 the corpse of a man was found on the roof (?) of a taxi parked near the sidewalk, another naked (? in winter!) corpse was found in a hearse abandoned on the street, another hearse with the deceased inside was set on fire by a rival ritual office, speaker Volodin canceled the walking tour of deputies to Kamchatka, but the impressive cruises of the servants of the people to foreign resorts continue on the sly, the daily exchange of bribes is being improved (they are countless, which is regularly reported by the press, which, it turns out, is still thrilled to write about the same replicated idols of mass culture, most of which still cannot be visually, that is, physiognomically identified by the vast majority of the population) ...

Apocalypse on its way...

Or is the extinction illusory, apparent? Unspent forces continue to bubble in the body of society? Crushed and oppressed (by the Mongol invasion, serfdom, communist winepress), but hatching in the depths of their hearts a revenge, Razin-Pugachev's dream: to reckon (on the mute of revolutions and wars) with secret, obvious and maniacally invented offenders - landowners, foreign oppressors, personal enemies of the quiet Tikhons, not necessarily at the behest of Kabanikh, rather, on their own initiative, show themselves in the halo of heralds of a new era?

Two vectors

It is possible that in extremely difficult and harsh conditions in Russia there is an implicit, re-emerging formation of non-decorative, non-nominal political movements: conditionally “protective” and conditionally “change-of-vehov” in its literal interpretation - both directions go nowhere from its territory and from its minds did not disappear, but during the period of totalitarianism they were reduced to an average eclecticism. The ideas of Catherine II and Nicholas I oppose the views of Radishchev and the Decembrists, the trends of the enlighteners Diderot and Rousseau. The vector of the dispute lies in the alignment of the practical rights and opportunities of the two positions.

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