Another fragment from the database of Russian Post customers has been published on the Internet

A new fragment of the database with information about clients, allegedly from Russian Post, has been leaked to the public. This was reported Telegram channel "Information Leaks". In December 2022, part of the Russian Post database also leaked to the network. Russian Post explained that there were no new leaks and that this is data from the old database.

According to the Telegram channel, there are 141 thousand lines in the database. It contains the last names, first names and patronymics of clients, actual addresses, as well as registration addresses, dates of birth, passport data. In addition, some clients have numbers, telephones, emails, SNILS and TIN numbers.

“Attackers continue to post outdated data with the substitution of the date of creation of records. This is a compilation from other information leaks,” the Russian Post press service told Interfax. They noted that after the July incident, a full security audit of information systems was carried out and there were no leaks from them.

December 21 last year channel "Information Leaks" informed about the leak of a fragment of the database with the conditional name ESIA. The Mintsifra explained that the content of the database is “a compilation of data from an old leak” by Russian Post.

About information leaks in 2022 - in the material "Kommersant" "Specially Discounted Information".

Olesya Pavlenko

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