Annual inflation in Russia fell to 11.49%

Inflation for the period from January 17 to January 23 amounted to 0.14%, follows from data Rosstat. For the week, this figure fell by only 0.01%. From the beginning of the year to January 23, prices rose by 0.53%. In annual terms, inflation fell to 11.49% from 11.57%, follows from data Ministry of Economy.

Among food products, prices for canned fruits and berries for baby food (+0.6%), powdered milk formulas for baby food and black tea (+0.4%), frozen fish, canned meat for baby food and vodka (+0.3%).

Of non-food items of prime necessity, the price of laundry soap (+0.3%), toilet paper and matches (+0.2%) went up. Prices for TV sets (+0.9%), electric vacuum cleaners (+0.8%), and foreign brand cars also increased.

Among medicines, prices for metamizole sodium (analgin) (+0.4%), allochol (+0.3%), multivitamins (+0.2%), and rengalin (+0.1%) went up.

The cost of a flight in the economy class cabin of an aircraft increased by 0.9%, for travel in the metro on average in Russia - by 0.5%, for a trolleybus - by 0.3%, for a city bus - by 0.2%. The increase in gasoline prices for the week overtook inflation and amounted to 0.65%.

By evaluation Head of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina, annual inflation may slow down in the coming months. According to her forecast, this figure will drop to 4% in the spring.

Anastasia Larina

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