Almost 12 tons of chicken with antibiotics were brought from Mordovia to Sakhalin, which suffered from bird flu

On Sakhalin, in two large batches of frozen broiler chickens from a producer from Mordovia, antibiotic residues were found. About it informed press service of the Primorsky Interregional Department of Rosselkhoznadzor 24 November. The total weight of the product is 11.7 tons. The study was ordered by one of the law enforcement agencies, which purchased meat for its employees.

Residual amounts of antibiotics and other antimicrobial chemotherapeutic substances were found in the bird. This may indicate a violation of the timing of the slaughter of chickens after the use of antibiotics for the treatment of poultry.

The products do not meet the requirements of the technical regulations “On the safety of meat and meat products”, “On the safety of food products” and GOST “Chicken meat. Specifications". According to experts, eating meat with antibiotics can cause an allergic reaction and lead to a decrease in sensitivity to the action of drugs.

Urgent reports on the results of the study were sent to the owner of the product, as well as to the central office and territorial departments of the Rosselkhoznadzor and the regional veterinary departments.

Previously "b" informedthat due to the outbreak of bird flu at the only large poultry farm in the Sakhalin Ostrovnaya in the first half of November, the number of broilers was completely destroyed. The bird was forcibly seized for destruction in private farms in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and its environs. A local emergency regime is in effect on the territory of the factory and in the adjacent zone with a radius of 5 km. The prosecutor's office is checking the process of disposal of broilers, because of which the city was shrouded in acrid smoke for several days.

Marina Ignatieva, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

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