Alfa-Bank and Svyaznoy agreed on a settlement agreement on a debt of 6 billion rubles

Alfa Bank and Svyaznoy agreed to conclude a settlement agreement on a debt of 6 billion rubles, a representative of Alfa-Bank told Vedomosti.

“The Bank has agreed with the Svyaznoy company on the restructuring of liabilities. The termination of proceedings in this case was part of the deal. The settlement agreement between the bank and Svyaznoy will be considered by the Arbitration Court in December,” a bank representative said.

Vedomosti sent a request to Svyaznoy.

On November 24, the Moscow Arbitration Court terminated the proceedings on the bank's claim against DTS Retail (owns Svyaznoy), should from court files. At the same time, another lawsuit is still pending before the court. Alfa Bank to the Russian legal entity of the retailer Set Svyaznoy LLC. Next hearing on the case appointed on December 8th.

At the end of October, Vedomosti wrote on the negotiations between Alfa-Bank and Svyaznoy on a settlement agreement. The source of the publication claimed that the bank and the retailer are trying to agree on an installment plan to pay off a debt of 6 billion rubles. The information was confirmed by a representative of Alfa-Bank, specifying that this is not a one-time repayment, but an installment plan of obligations.

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