Actor Igor Oznobikhin was hit by a horse on the set of the show

Actor Igor Oznobikhin crashed into a galloping horse on the set of the extreme detective show "Heirs and Impostors", a new episode of which TV-3 will show this Saturday, November 26.

In the third series, the "heirs" and "imposters" go to ... a circus, where they have to demonstrate their stunt training. One of the tasks is to ride ten laps on a horse in the saddle, but without a bridle. Dava, as if anticipating something was wrong, decides to refuse the number, citing pain in his shoulder. And then Igor Oznobikhin enters the arena. He sits on a horse, but he does not manage to hold out for a long time in the saddle. Insurance saves him from a dangerous fall, but at that very moment, the actor hanging on a cable crashes into a galloping horse with the back of his head - and a few seconds later he falls into the arena, unable to get up.

In addition, in the latest episode of the show, from the very first minutes, the “heir” of Dove and the “imposter” Maxim Trankov will clash, and their conversation in raised tones will soon turn into personalities. The battle for 5 million in prize money is gaining momentum, and the participants are starting to lose their nerves. Aiza, Alena Shishkova, Oleg Vereshchagin, Tatyana Kotova, Victoria Agalakova, Anar, Elena Khanga, Yulia Koval, Svetlana Romashina, Vlad Kadoni, as well as Natasha Gasankhanova and Serafim Sashliev are still in the active game. Which players will the teams lose this week, and who will be able to deftly wrap everyone around their fingers? Follow the development of intrigue and new incredible challenges in the show "Heirs and Impostors" this Saturday, November 26 at 22:00 on TV-3.

Inna Shkarbanova.

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