ACAR: advertising market in Russia fell by 6% in three quarters

The total volume of advertising expenses in the first three quarters of 2022 amounted to 385 billion rubles, which is 6% less than in the same period of the previous year. Such data are given in the report of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (Kommersant has it). In the first quarter, according to ACAR, the market grew by 5%, and in the second quarter, purchases fell by 16%, and in the third quarter they decreased by 7%.

For the third quarter in a row, ACAR has not published estimates in figures for certain market segments (TV advertising, Internet advertising, outdoor advertising, etc.). The association explained this by the fact that against the backdrop of a falling market and a reduction in the amount of available inventory, experts "have to rebuild the system for assessing the volume of the advertising market." “ACAR experts believe that if the situation stabilizes, they will be able to solve this problem, and by the end of the year a complete picture of the entire domestic advertising market will be provided,” the association added.

The ACAR report says that for online advertising, the largest segment of the market, in the third quarter "the least pessimistic scenarios were realized", no figures were specified. On TV, there is a “significant increase in the number of new local advertisers” and there have been changes in the top three categories-leaders on federal TV: in the first nine months, the e-commerce category (18%) came out on top in terms of budget share, displacing pharma (17 %). The third place is still occupied by the segment of insurance and financial services (15%).

Outdoor advertising for three quarters "managed not only to recover to the level of 2021, but also to get a small plus," the RACA report says. Sales of digital designs as a whole accounted for more than a third of all budgets. The radio advertising market continues to recover and has "been less vulnerable due to the departure of foreign brands". In the press segment, "it's too early to say that publishers have managed to compensate for the losses from the departure of foreign brands."

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Valeria Lebedeva

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