Abnormal night cold is approaching the Moscow region

Abnormal night cold is approaching the Moscow region

Forecaster Pozdnyakova warned of possible frosts in Moscow and the Moscow region

Chief Specialist of the Moscow Meteorological Bureau Tatyana Pozdnyakova warned readers site KP.RU that at the weekend the temperature in the capital and the region will drop significantly.

The Moscow region, according to Pozdnyakova, will be in the cold front of a cyclone from Western Europe. In this air mass at an altitude of one and a half kilometers, the temperature is only +2 degrees. For comparison, now the temperature is at the same height of +10 degrees. The forthcoming cooling is connected with this atmospheric process.

On Sunday it will be +14…+19 degrees, the wind will increase to 17 m/s. The cold snap will peak on Monday night, May 29, when the air cools down to +3 degrees.

“I think it will still do without frost,” Pozdnyakova hopes. But even if they happen, they will be very short-term - for an hour or less, that is, not for the whole night.

After an abnormally cold night, the weather will improve: on Monday afternoon it will be +18…+23, and on Tuesday it will get warmer to +25.

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