A room greenhouse with remote control was created at the Timiryazev Academy

A room greenhouse with remote control was created at the Timiryazev Academy

Fresh greens, salads and even berries can now be grown by pressing a couple of buttons - a smart indoor greenhouse will do the rest. This dream of many townspeople is close to fulfillment thanks to the employees of the Timiryazev Academy, who developed a miracle greenhouse.

smart, greenhouse, Photo from timacad.ru

According to the website of the academy, the invention of the professor of the Department of Organization and Technology of Irrigation and Construction Works of the RGAU-MSHA Larisa Zhuravleva and the head of Ruskhimbio LLC Igor Popkov allows you to harvest all year round.

“The system is designed in such a way that it ensures maximum efficiency and simplicity of indoor agriculture,” the message says the words of the rector of the RGAU-MSHA named after K. A. Timiryazev, Professor Vladimir Trukhachev.

The greenhouse is quite compact, it can be installed in an apartment or office. The whole process of growing plants is fully automated - the device has a control and monitoring system, including sensors that transmit information about the microclimate in the greenhouse to the microcontroller. Drippers connected to the pump supply the nutrient solution to the roots of plants, and nozzles installed above the plants create a water mist effect. In addition, the problem of regulating the light-thermal regime and the microclimate, which was encountered in such devices, was solved.

To grow a crop, it is enough to plant seeds, fill the system with water and set the required mode - the device contains programs that allow you to set the optimal conditions for growing certain crops.

- After that, you can even go somewhere on vacation, and when you return there is a fresh harvest. The greenhouse itself builds the desired temperature and humidity, turns on and off the lighting and automatically waters and fertilizes the plants,” explained Larisa Zhuravleva.

Information about the microclimate is reflected not only on the display of the greenhouse, but also in a special mobile application. Therefore, it is possible to control the process of plant growth, changing, if necessary, illumination, temperature and humidity remotely - from a phone or tablet.

By the way, a lot of water and electricity is not needed for the operation of the greenhouse - the necessary humidification is carried out using a closed circulation system, LEDs are used for lighting, and ventilation is regulated by a special microcontroller.

In general, a miracle, not a greenhouse. In addition, according to the developers, greens and berries retain all their properties, as well as when grown on a regular garden bed. It remains only to wait until the invention will be produced on an industrial scale.

Alena Bodrienko.

Photo from site timacad.ru

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