A resident of the Kherson region: the SBU is forcing civilians to sabotage against Russia

The detained resident of the Kherson region said that the SBU recruits agents among the population of the region and, through blackmail and bribery, forces them to organize anti-Russian actions and sabotage.

He clarified that he agreed to cooperate with the SBU in March last year because of fears for the life and health of his children, who lived in the part of the region controlled by Ukraine.

“SBU officers threatened to kill my family. I started working with them. I was given money to buy flags and banners for holding anti-Russian rallies,” the detainee said.

According to him, the curators promised him a monetary reward upon successful completion of the assigned tasks. The main task was to organize rallies with a demonstration of the flags of Ukraine. Teachers were involved in these events and opposed the Russian curriculum.

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