A regional branch of the Russian SAMBO Federation was opened in Chukotka

A regional branch of the Russian SAMBO Federation was opened in Chukotka

In May 2023, a meeting of the group of founders was held in Anadyr to create a regional sambo sports federation of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. In the near future, the regional federation will become part of the structural subdivision of the All-Russian physical culture and sports public organization "All-Russian Sambo Federation".

Today in Russia, sambo is one of the most popular sports, the traditions of which are rooted in the culture of the peoples of Russia and in folk wrestling. Due to its accessibility, which does not require expensive sports facilities and equipment, sambo is a unique domestic martial art, an important component of Russian culture, an education system aimed at developing the physical, moral and volitional qualities of a person, patriotism and citizenship.

“Sambo is the science of defense, not attack. Sambo not only teaches self-defense, but also provides rich life experience that forms a strong male character, stamina and endurance, which are necessary in work and social activities. Preservation of children's health and the formation of a healthy lifestyle culture among the younger generation will be a priority for the development of Sambo in the district, since playing sports contributes to the development of self-discipline, forms an internal moral support and a strong personal position in achieving life goals. SAMBO forms the social pillar of society, people who are able to stand up for themselves, for their families, for their homeland,” said Dmitry Simonov, Chairman of the Regional SAMBO Federation.

“Chukotka is the northernmost region of Russia, and real strong people live here. They are accustomed to the harsh conditions of the Arctic and are able to cope with any difficulties. That is why Chukotka is an ideal place to educate future champions and leaders who will adequately represent our country in the international arena,” added Dmitry Troshkin, head coach of the Russian men's national team, Honored Coach of Russia.

Dmitry Ivanov, Deputy Chairman of the Regional Sambo Federation, Deputy Head of the Chukotka Trading Company, noted that in order to implement plans for the development of Sambo wrestling in the Okrug, it will be necessary to organize training processes not only in the capital of the region, but also in municipalities. To this end, with the support of the All-Russian Sambo Federation and the Chukotka Trading Company, it is planned to import wrestling mats and sports equipment to the district during the summer navigation. In addition, the task of attracting highly qualified trainers to the region will be addressed, and within the framework of the All-Russian educational and sports project “Sambo to School”, it is planned to create a base for conducting practical classes in the basic SAMBO techniques for teachers of general educational institutions of the district.

In 2023, SAMBO celebrates its 85th anniversary. During this time, this martial art has gone through an impressive journey: from its inception in the USSR in 1938, from national martial arts to becoming one of the most popular and sought-after sports practiced in 130 countries of the world and officially recognized as an Olympic sport. Today, international competitions in sports and combat sambo attract a large number of spectators, confirming their significance and attractiveness.

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