A graduate with 396 points in the Unified State Examination gave advice to those taking exams

A graduate with 396 points in the Unified State Examination gave advice to those taking exams

And who better than her can know what will help the graduate achieve the desired maximum results in the exam? We asked Ulyana to give advice to the current 11th graders, for whom the exam starts on May 26th. We hope that her advice will help someone!

Last year, according to the results of the Unified State Examination, we did not have 400 points, that is, Ulyana showed the highest result in the country. 16 graduates turned out to be 300 points, of which four were Muscovites, including Ulyana. She graduated from school number 1391 in New Moscow. The girl received 100 points in literature, Russian language and social studies and passed history with 96 points.

- How did you prepare for exams, how did you deal with anxiety?

- I tried to tune in well for each exam, because I understood that it was no less important than quality preparation. Therefore, I told myself that I was doing well, that I worked all year, studied hard, practiced the topics in practice, and generally did everything that depended on me to succeed in the exam. So I tried to motivate myself and tune in to each exam.

Of course, I had anxiety. It seems to me that this is absolutely normal, because you understand the responsibility that lies with you. But I did not have panic, but only excitement that I could control.

To the guys who pass this year, I would give some advice. Firstly, on the eve of the exam, you should not overdo it with preparation. Of course, you can repeat some material, work something out in practice, but in no case should you cram at night, not sleep, and so on. On the contrary, you need to give your body the opportunity to relax and concentrate as much as possible before an important test.

The girl also shared other life hacks that will increase the chances of successfully passing the test. On the last day before the exam, you should neither repeat nor study anything, but you need to leave this day only for rest. If this is not possible, then try to set aside at least an evening for relaxation and do what you like. You can color the picture, collect puzzles. Go to the park, take a bath or just relax with music... In a word, any kind of relaxation will do, just do not do things that require mental activity.

- Now let's move on to the passing process: what can you say about the exams from the height of your experience?

– On the exam itself, I would advise you to worry less. Of course, this sounds absurd, and everyone will still be worried, but you need to try to control your excitement.

To cope with the "shaking" during the exam, Ulyana advises doing various breathing exercises, which are many on the Internet, and you can choose the right one for yourself.

- You can breathe when everyone has come to the audience and is waiting for the exam to start, when you go to the toilet, and even during the exam itself. I used one exercise, which I conditionally call "Square". Holding the breath, and again breathing ... This is not very noticeable to others.

You can also go to the toilet and wash your face with cold water to cheer up, eat chocolate, drink some water ...

“At the exam itself, be in the moment,” Ulyana continues. - Do not think about what you didn’t finish yesterday, didn’t finish, didn’t finish watching, didn’t finish writing. Don't think about how many points you will get and so on, just concentrate on the moment that you can control and try to do your best.

- What can you say about points - if a person receives less than expected?

- Now I would not really like to talk about what to do to someone who gets less points than expected. Because at the moment it is more important to concentrate not on points, but on giving your maximum on the exam ...

It is important to understand that 100 points is, of course, cool. Everyone who is preparing for the exam strives for this result, but you should not devalue even scores lower than one hundred, because behind them there is a lot of work, human effort.

Remember that scores don't say anything about you as a person, they're just numbers. Yes, points will help you to enter the chosen university, but if you scored 90 points, and not 100, this does not mean that you are less talented, less intelligent person than the one who scored 100. It's just the circumstances.

– Tell us about your studies at Moscow State University.

– I study at the Faculty of Philology of Moscow State University and dream of becoming a philologist. But for now, it’s hard for me to talk about how my life and career will turn out, because I’m interested in everything and I want to try everything. So now I'm just learning and getting high from new knowledge and from communicating with interesting, talented people. And I am very glad that once I went through this difficult path of the Unified State Examination and now I am where I once wanted to be.

And, of course, I want to wish the guys good luck in writing their chosen exams. Know that you are already great fellows, that you have come a long way, and now you are standing just a few centimeters from the finish line. You have to make the last push, gather all your strength, concentrate and give your maximum on the exam. Show everything you have learned all year.

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