88-year-old grandmother gets married in Bashkiria

88-year-old grandmother gets married in Bashkiria

In Bashkiria, an 88-year-old grandmother marries her 83-year-old chosen one. The SHOT telegram channel writes about this.

An unusual wedding is being planned at the Starobaishsky nursing home. Zugra Tagirova said that she lived a hard life. She had to endure a hungry wartime childhood, the tragic death of her husband and the loss of her children. In 2023, her house was at the epicenter of hostilities in Ukraine and was destroyed.

The old woman was sent to Bashkiria, where her relatives live. The woman settled in a boarding house and there she met another resident, Khalaf Khabiryalov. The pensioners developed feelings for each other, and Khalaf proposed marriage to his chosen one.

Zugra and Khalaf will officially marry in March. The boarding school promised to allocate a separate room for the couple.

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