140-year-old man dies in Yemen after failed antler removal

140-year-old man dies in Yemen after failed antler removal

Ali Antera, the oldest man in the world, has died in Yemen at the age of 140. In addition to his age, he became famous for two horn-shaped growths on his head, which began to grow on him at the age of 100 years.

According to the publication The Sun, he lived in the province of Al-Jawf and received the nickname "Two-horned". Ali reportedly died three days after surgery to remove the growths with hot instruments. The video was posted by Ali's relatives.

The family claims that the man died from deteriorating physical and mental health caused by old age. However, rough amputation of growths could also cause his death.

Yemeni media claim that Ali was healthy and retained his memory until around 2017. Later, his condition began to deteriorate. It is alleged that the man had more than 70 grandchildren.

Experts believe that the growths on Ali's forehead could be leather. They are usually benign lesions and occur in fair-skinned patients as a result of exposure to the sun and other sources of UV radiation.

A similar case was recorded in France at the beginning of the 19th century. At the age of 76, Madame Dimanche began to grow a 24.9 cm long horn on her forehead. It was successfully removed.

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